This small mountain town community is amazing. Right now, we are all in quarantine while the world tries to make sense of a pandemic, and we are feeling isolated and detached. What hasn’t changed, is the small-town mentality that tells us to take care of each other. When something challenging or tragic happens to one of us, we show up and we help. We do it over and over again. And this time, we all need each other.

My shop Trunk Show is located in The Cobblestone Center and is frequented by both locals and visitors. The shop brings culture, beauty, and joy to the people that come in. It gives me and other local artists a place to share our creations with the world while generating an income to support our families. No, I’m never going to get rich making jewelry and selling local art, but it provides a means of putting a roof over my head and food on my family’s table. The shop employs people that need a flexible schedule and a workplace that appreciates them for their unique abilities and contributions. Our clients have become our friends and our crew is a family.

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